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      Economy Glove Box經濟型手套操作箱[產品打印頁面]

      產品名稱: Economy Glove Box經濟型手套操作箱
      產品型號: 500250000
      產品展商: 其它品牌
      產品文檔: 無相關文檔


      Economy Glove Box

      Economy Glove Box經濟型手套操作箱  的詳細介紹

      Dimensions: 91cm (36") wide x 51cm (20") deep x 66cm (26") high. Entry opening on each side features a 22mm (7/8") flange, 305mm (12") O.D. and 298mm (11 3/4") I.D. The unit also features foam rubber gaskets on the outside and removable covers to provide easy access to the interior. Glove ports located on the front of the unit have an external 25mm (1") flange, 203mm (8") O.D. x 197mm (7 3/4") I.D. for gloveless entry or standard glove box gloves (sold separately).
      Clear acrylic fabrication
      • Ideal for setting up controlled atmospheres
      • Optional accessories: side-mounted airlock and coupling sleeve

      Return Policy:
      Due to the unspecified nature of their use and the environment in which they are used, glove boxes may only be returned due to shipping damage reported within 2 days of receipt, and only if the unit has not been assembled.

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